NewsGlobe NRCS

NewsGlobe NRCS, is the fastest, MOS-compatible newsroom computer solution.

Developed in India by Digital Navigation Pvt Ltd, it is the most cost- effective compared to similar products developed in the US and the UK.

A complete solution for cross-media newsrooms that lets journalists upload news content from anywhere using any Android and Windows-based smartphone, as well as any desktop computer running on Windows, Linux or Mac OSX. Use our products and you will realise that they are not just cost-effective but extremely efficient--far ahead of competition in every respect.

So what does ALL THIS GIVE YOU?

  • Freedom to create stories from anywhere, anytime for cross media platforms
  • Full text wires and story searching.
  • Customized private story pools
  • Support unlimited rundowns
  • Insert of "Breaking News" at any spot at any time

NewsGlobe NRCS users can receive immediate notification when new stories arrive, with its easy- to- use user interface. Besides, it allows working with multiple workgroups.

It integrates smoothly with social media, Whatsapp and seamlessly provides the most intuitive interface for consolidating news feeds from several discreet media sources. This is a secured single system for the entire media house availing convergence of technologies.

NewsGlobe News Room is a holistic module in which anyone can create content from anywhere for all digital platforms - in real time. It is equipped with the world's best mobility features -it doesn't matter where the user is deputed or located: newsroom or on the spot of breaking news. It allows seamless and unbroken coverage of developing stories.

With your Smartphone or tablet, using NewsGlobe NRCS, you can make your day-plan, assign and edit stories, view news wires, rundowns, contacts, and exchange messages with co-workers, apart from sending and receiving videos, photos, or text or media.