PCR Playout Automation

When singer Loretta Brandon rendered 'Fluijo' - now available on YouTube, all that was needed was silk smooth broadcasting, using a supportive Playout system.

This is why we at Digital Navigation have named our end- to- end Playout Automation solution Fluijo! As a broadcaster you will realize how far superior your Playout system is once you use Fluijo and compare it to rival broadcasters' playout systems. They'd sound like cacophony!

Fluijo Playout is an easy- to- use automation system, with features such as Play-Cue mode specially designed for studio operations.

We bring you new features such as Live Video Preview, Customizable Shortcuts, Sub-Playlists, Built-in Media Explorer, an Internal Media Trimmer and Multi-counters... anyone can run it with perfect ease!

It is fully MOS- compatible. The drag-and-drop interface makes playout operations smooth and robust. The software is designed for 24/7 automated file playback with live input and internal events.

Fluijo has flexible operation modes to fit all broadcasters' needs, whether they be TV Channels, educational, and governmental institutions as well as Web TV, IPTV, Satellite Teleports, City Channels etc.

Listed Features

  • Fully MOS compatible, for 3rd party newsroom integration
  • Built-in media explorer for easy and fast file access by drag and drop.
  • Supports Sub playlist structure for better media management
  • Play/Cue/Jump/skip and loop on-the-go during playback
  • Mixed playout (various resolution/frame rate/ compression in the same playlist)
  • Add, remove or reorder the list of media files during playback
  • Support for live sources as playlist items. Live source audio-video preview
  • Seamless switching between media files and integrated live video input
  • Built in text scroll, static & animated Logo Support. Bug overlay on live sources
  • Simultaneous web-streaming