Hospital Management System

The objective is to customize and depIoy a n integrated software workflow
HeIps in Efficient Management of the HospitaI
Enhance Patient Care Improve work efficiency Improve FiscaI Control
Eliminate the chances of any Pilferage
Enable the Growth of the HospitaI

The hospital management software commonly incorporates various essential features which help to run smoothly the regular day today basis operation of any hospitaI. The hospitaI management software is made such a way that it looks after the outpatients, inpatients, billings, data base of the patients, and the hospital information including the availability of the doctors, their specialization, the payments to various members of the staff and the billing process. As a whole, the hospital information management system is very usefuI to taking care of aII the aspects of runni ng the hospitaI in the cost effective way

Salient Features

  • N-Gage BMS is a fuIIy- integrated, Hospital Information System Solution
  • This software facil itates complete and smoot hrunning of the reception
  • It manages all the bed allocation systems and the wards of the hospitals
  • It manages the laboratory and the equipments
  • It manages the treatments as well as the entire history of the patients
  • This software manages the day today scheduling of both the nurses and the doctors to various departments and also allocates the schedules of their duties
  • It aIso manages the timely and proper accounting to make sure a proper and current billing
  • The hospital management software aIso maintains the proper tests of a number of patients as well as keeps the records of all the medical reports

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